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TTXGP America Round 3:

TTXGP America - Miller Motorsports Park

Shane Turpin and the MotoCzysz E1pc dominated the field at Miller Motorsports Park, and 2010 North American Champions Lightning Motorcycles took second.  However, since neither team scored points in the first round, the championship battle was being fought between Brammo and Moto Electra, who started the weekend seperated by only 8 points.  Brammo took third place and the championship.

Press Release

Motoczysz repeat Laguna and take on the Lightning and take the win at Miller

4th September 2011



Shane Turpin takes the Motoczysz to a decisive victory at Miller Motorsport, Utah

Accelerating off the line, Turpin on the Motoczysz, took the pole and never looked back.  A local hero, Turpin showed a complete dominance of the field as he eat up the tarmac with an impressive display of mastery that left nobody in any doubt who was the master of the mountain.

The day also saw the debut of the new Lightning entry along side the Bonneville land speed electric motorcycle record holder at 218mph. Expectation were fueled with the reputations of Tim Hunt and Ted Rich taking on the field with spec bikes and aiming for a double podium. In the event Ted retired when the weakest link in the let him know that he was done for the day. The chain snapped and Ted retired in lap2.

Steve Atlas and Thad Wolff were battling out for the season win. The points standing meant that the winner for 3rd was assured the TTXGP North American Championship 2011.

Some setbacks: Ely Schless represented the TTX75 class after several of the teams failed to get there entries ready in time. The day was addionally challenged when the transpoder on Motocysz failed and so much of his times were captured manually.

Nonetheless the race was exciting and with a battle not just on the track, but beyond in the grandstands as the audience watched with anticipation and incredulity as to how cool the performance was.

Success for the round goes to Motoczysz with an impressive performance.

Final Results are..

TTXGP North America Final 2011
Miller Motorsport Park, The West Course (2.2 miles)

1       Shane Turpin              Motoczysz           1:31.533*
2       Tim Hunt                   Lightning             1:39.604*
3       Steve Atlas                 Brammo              1:42.331*
4       Thad Wolff                  MotoElectra       1:45.472*
5       Ely Schless                  ProtoMoto          1:58.375
6       Ted Rich                     Lightning            DNF

The podium presentation was made by Jason Wade, Competition Manager, on behalf of Miller Motorsport Park.
You can follow all the action @TTXGP as we move towards the world final to be announced shortly. This race will be broadcast across the world towards the end of September.

September 4, 2011
11:30 a.m. RACE


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