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TTXGP 2012 America Round 4:

9/2/2012 Brammo takes it all on the final weekend of the TTXGP 2012 North American Championship.  Team Icon Brammo's Eric Bostrom dominated the race, while his teammate Steve Atlas sucessfully defended his series championship.  Here is the official TTXGP press release:

Eboz takes the win, Atlas puts Team Icon Brammo on map!

2nd September 2012

TTXGP press office


Eric Bostrom made it look easy for Team Icon Brammo taking the chequered flag, but the TTXGP North American Championship 2012 title belongs to his team mate Steve Atlas whose performance throughout the season awarded him his second consecutive win.

An achievement made all the sweeter given the back injury he picked up in Sonoma.

Brian Wismann, Brammo's Tech Chief said "Team Icon Brammo are exceedingly happy with this storybook ending to a season that began as a nightmare with the double crashes at Infineon (Sonoma).  This team deserves every bit of the satisfaction of a double-podium and consecutive NA championship having put in an incredible effort to get the bikes working well for these two talented riders. We're just now hitting our stride and Daytona can't come fast enough!"

The day started early with warm up sessions for all racers taking place in this weekends races starting at 8am. The sky as bright and the air are crisp for today's championship decider. By race time, the sun was high and the track was hot! The excitement was in the air as teams bucked down and prepped their bikes ready for the TTXGP North American championship decider.

The race was exciting with the real dog fight between the guest riders from ARHMA, Kenny Cummings, Andrew Cowell, Anthony Burrows and TTXGP favorite Kenyon Kluge. With identical set-ups these four riders saw a lot of swapping around but in the end the most experienced electric bike rider reined Supreme and Kenyon took home the eSuperstock cup.

Kenny Cummings, an AHRMA regular said "this was one of the best experiences of my race history, the ebikes just work so effortlessly that you can totally concentrate on the ride experience, the race lines and body positions became all important. I know when I get back on my classic bike, I will be a better racer for it. Everyone should try it and then judge"

Matt Kent for Virginia tech Bolt put in a sterling effort and took home the TTX75 cup. He had been battling bike set up all weekend long but it seemed the teams decision to revert back to an old set up worked for him as he had a flawless race that saw him take third position on the podium and third place in the TTXGP North America Championship 2012.

The day however belongs to Steve and Eric and this is how they celebrated the win


Eric was on major form today putting in a lap record for electric bikes at 1:38.480, an amazing achievement given this is only his second electric  race forcing Steve Atlas to settle for second place to secure his championship. This was a team strategy from the get go and the plan worked beautifully for them. Upon being asked how he felt about becoming the North America Champion two years in a row, he replied... "I am ready for the world championship, bring on Daytona"

Fighting talking growing the anticipation for the TTXGP WORLD FINAL 2012 taking place in Daytona on October 19th.

Miller results:

Position. no. Name Team laps total time best time best speed
1 32 Eric Bostrom Icon Brammo 8 11:37.437 1:38.480 80.422
2 1 Steve Atlas Icon Brammo 8 11:54.125 1:39.937 79.250
3 72 Matt Kent  Virginia Tech Bolt 7 11:451.79 1:53.555 69.746
4 96 Kenyon Kluge K-Squared Racing 7 12:22.633 1:58.281 66.959
5 60 Andrew Cowell Andrew Cowell Racing 7 12.36.697 1:58.417 66.882
6 17 Kenny Cummings  Kenny Cummings Racing 7 12:42.214 2:01.578 65.143
7 435 Anthony Burows Anthony Burrows Racing 7 12:42.357 2:01.533 65.157
8 64 Jeremiah Johnson BE-EV.com Amsoil Racing DNS      

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