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TTXGP 2012 Muench Laguna Seca PR:
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Press Release, July 26th, 2012

E-motorcycle championship and FIM MotoGP go stateside
MUENCH Racing brings Himmelmann and Poensgen

In line with the MotoGP the third FIM e-Power Championship race will take place in Laguna Seca (USA) on July 29th, 2012. At the world famous racetrack the currently leading championship team MUENCH Racing Team will compete with the championship head of individual rankings Katja Poensgen and last year’s champion Matthias Himmelmann.

The Mazda Raceway, which is situated in California, is a very difficult course and demands a lot from whoever dares to race it. The 3.061m long racetrack offers seven left and four right turns that are all approached with an immense speed. Furthermore, the track is most famous for the „corkscrew“ the mother of all turns. The corkscrew is situated behind a hill and cannot be seen much in advance. After a long straight the drivers have to decelerate in order to not miss the steeply sloping and tricky right to left chicane. However, that’s not all there is. A dangerous ramp, which is situated right in the middle of the track, makes it even more difficult for the drivers to find their ideal line. The track hosts MotoGP races since 2005 again.

For this upcoming race one can be anxious about how fast the e-bike lap times will be compared to the real combustors and how close they already got.

The MUENCH Racing Team currently heads the FIM overall rankings. The individual rankings show a similar picture. MUENCH pilot Katja Poensgen (45 points) leads the field ahead of Christian Amendt (36 points) and teammate Matthias Himmelmann (25 points). After this weekend's race in Laguna Seca there will be only two more FIM races the teams can participate in: Oschersleben on August 12th and Le Mans on September 9th. Hence, this weeks rankings could already determine the Championship’s outcome.

Friday: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Open Practice
Saturday: 5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Qualifying
Sunday: 10:25 am Final Race (9 Laps)

For more information please visit 

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